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Wire Wrapping Ideas for the
Universal Wire Wrapping Jig

Below we have some illustrations of what kinds of things can be accomplished using our home-made wire jig (see this page for instructions on making the jig).

We've used the same size graph paper to design these as we did to make the jig, so it all matches up perfectly.

In all of the following diagrams, the copper color represents the wire, the black dots represent the pegs (or nails), and the blue represents whatever type of bead you might care to use. I've drawn most of these designs as earrings, but they can also be used as connectors or centerpieces. They should all be done using a single piece of wire.

How to Wrap the Wire

To imitate these patterns, begin with the center of your wire at the bottom peg and follow the design around. When you reach the top, the two ends should meet evenly. Wrap one end around the other and clip it off. The other end becomes the earring hook or the connector loop. Then you can pull out the pegs to free the piece.

Pounding Out the Wire

Take a hammer and a flat metal surface and pound some of the edges of the wire flat to give your design more strength. It also adds something to the finished look. Experiment a little with this and you'll see what I mean.

Inserting Beads

Note also that you can insert beads from any available loop to add to the asthetics of your design, as in some of the examples above. You could also string round beads into any of the straight sections by "sewing" them into the pattern as you go along.

Making Larger Loops/Curves

Another idea you might like to try is to place some kind of hard tubing (metal or hard plastic) snugly over the nail as a sleeve to increase its diameter. This will increase its size, and hence, the size of the loop that wraps around it. You can probably find something suitable for this purpose at a local hardware store.

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