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How to Make Your Corded Necklace Adjustable
While Saving Time AND Money

Let's say you're making a corded necklace. That is, you are making a necklace using a cord or a length of leather. You have your centerpiece already put on the cord and you're thinking of putting on the usual clasp to connect the ends. Hold on! By using the following instructions, you'll be able to finish off your necklace quicker and save on the cost of a clasp. You'll also be making it adjustable, which adds a new feature to the piece.

Here are the Steps:

Tying the Ends, pt.1 Lay the necklace out on a table like this. Make sure you have enough cord at the ends to accomplish the ties. It might take a little bit of practise to estimate this.
Tying the Ends, pt.2 Pass the left cord under the right cord.
Tying the Ends, pt.3 Now pass this same left cord over both cords.
Tying the Ends, pt.4 Pass the left cord behind itself, through the loop and out to the right, going over itself again. Pulling on the left cord at both ends will tighten the knot (you wouldn't want to lose your necklace on an active day).

Now all you have to do is turn the necklace around and do the same thing on the other side. Try and get both knots equally spaced for the sake of appearance. The two knots will hold the necklace securely and when you pull on them both, it will tighten the necklace.

Finishing Up

There are many different knots you can use to accomplish the same thing, some are more secure than others. Here, we've shown you the easiest one to tie. Look up "knots" on the web and you'll find plenty of sites that have detailed information on how to tie various knots. Good luck!

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