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Making A Jump Ring Bracelet

 If you don't know what jump rings are, or how to make them, see our tutorial in the tips section.

Make sure that you open your jump rings properly. Opening them the wrong way will distort the ring and cause it to break prematurely.

How to open jump rings


The Bracelet

Once you have opened jump rings, and your beads picked out, it's a simple matter to put together the following bracelet.

Jump Ring Bracelet

The trick here is that the larger beads (represented here as the blue beads) must have a hole big enough to fit two jump rings through. The smaller beads (represented as red) can have a hole that fits snugly over a single thickness of jump ring.

The Sequence

  1. Begin by putting a large bead on a jump ring.
  2. Follow by placing a small bead on each side.
  3. Add another large bead and close the ring.
  4. Slip a second jump ring through the last bead.
  5. Continue from step two above.
Assembling the Jump Rings

Continue extending the design until you have enough to use for a bracelet. It also makes a nice choker.

Finishing Up

Finish off the piece by adding a suitable clasp to the ends. The type of clasp you choose will depend on whether you want this to be a bracelet, choker, necklace, ankle bracelet, or really long earrings (nose chain, anyone??).

 Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future tips or tutorials.

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