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It is my hope that the information presented in the following pages will help anyone interested in creating their own jewelry.

I have several pages, which contain images from a variety of work in the fields of wire wrapping, lamp work, and beaded necklaces and bracelets. Including a new page on Pet Charms, which are glass charms made from photos of family pets! It's a great way to immortalize your favorite pet.

They are all handcrafted by me and most are my own designs. I hope you find some ideas that inspire you to create your own jewelry.


The Tips section has informative and concise instructions on several topics of general interest to jewelry makers. The lessons include: Making your own jump rings, wire-wrapping techniques, how to make your own universal wire-wrapping jig, wire-wrapping ideas, and how to make a necklace adjustable while saving time and money!

Do-It-Yourself Designer

Don't forget to check out the Designer section. That's where you'll find the new Designer PaintApplet and the JavaScript Seed Beed Designer. Marvelous tools that enable you to easily design seed bead projects onscreen. Quickly try out new ideas to see what they'll look like before you actually begin work!

There are also blank graphs which you can copy to your hard drive, then use any "paint" program to design seed bead and loom work in the comfort of your own home. Print out the finished designs to use as working patterns. There are graphs are for brick stitch, flat round peyote stitch and loom work.

You get to see the end product before you start work on it! Several examples are viewable on the PaintApplet Designs page.


Remember to take a look at our Links page for some cool places to visit on the Web pertaining to beads and jewelry-making in general. Each link comes with a description of the site, so you don't have to waste a lot of time finding the information you're looking for.

There's a place at the bottom of this page where you can e-mail me directly. Any comments you have on how I can improve my craft, or this site, would be greatly appreciated.

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“It is my hope that the information presented in these pages will help anyone who is interested in the art of designing and creating their own jewelry.”