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for the ANIMAL in YOU

Gallery Section:

Glass Cabachons
Fused and annealed glass cabs ideal for prong settings, bezel settings, wire wrapping or seed bead net encasing..

American Indian Designs
Native American Indian belt designs re-created using the Designer PaintApplet.

Glass charms made from photos of people's pets. We have Rats, Dogs, Cats, Turtles, and more. Pics of live rats, too.

Various bracelets from beaded varieties to solid silver.

A small assortment of earrings.

Memorial Beads
Beads that have some animal fur burned into the glass to commemorate a beloved pet.

Miscellaneous pg.1, pg.2
Pieces that don't fit into any other category. Everything from custom beaded shoes to fused-glass pieces, glass tile, and decorated barrettes.

Necklaces pg.1, pg.2, pg.3, pg.4, pg.5, pg.6, pg.7
A large sampling of necklaces I have created over the years.

Seed Bead Designs
Designs created using the Designer PaintApplet.

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“It is my hope that the information presented in these pages will help anyone who is interested in the art of designing and creating their own jewelry.”